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Jamie Nichole Haywood is an American Singer-songwriter, and accomplished vocalist from the small south central Indiana city of Martinsville.  

Born with a burning passion and desire to sing, Haywood first emerged into the Indiana music scene in 2002 while self- teaching herself guitar and dabbling in songwriting during her college years at Ball State University  where her passion to write and play music grew stronger. With the support of talented musician friends, Haywood taught herself a simple playlist of songs and began exploring local open mic nights, and opening up shows for friends.

Jamie's musical influences range from many genres. Her favorite artists growing up included Counting Crows, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple, James Taylor, The Chicks, Faith Hill, Madonna, Whitney Houston, R.E.M., The Cranberries and so many others. Haywood worked at a record store during her high school years and luckily had the gift of musical variety at her fingertips every shift.

"We listened to all genres of music in the store, it was one of my favorite jobs I ever had. It was always hard to answer the question when asked what type of music I listened to, because it really was everything!"

Haywood's passion to learn and write evolved over the next several years into her own uniquely delicate, yet polished and strong blend of americana, country, folk-pop sound. In the early years of music making, Jamie was strongly influenced by the voice of Patty Griffin. She fell in love with the vocal range of Patty and loved the americana, folk style of writing. That along with all the pop music influences of her youth became Jamie's own unique style. 

In 2010 Jamie Nichole was recognized as the "Best in Indianapolis" in the Acoustic Live Challenge. Voted #1 on her performance of original music.

In 2011 Jamie landed a music placement spot, with her song "Missing you", in the Hollywood movie "Frat Party" directed by Robert Bennett. This was special for Jamie since she had been working so hard to network with Music Supervisors on her own without an industry manager. 

Over the next several years Jamie continued to write music and perform around the midwest growing in her musical genre and playing live shows including small tours to Louisville, Nashville, Bowling Green, New York, Philidelphia and all around the Indiana area.

In 2013 Haywood started pursuing a professional career in golf. She joined the LPGA Teaching & Club Professional program.  Today she is a class A LPGA professional.

"Golf helps financially support my passion to play music, Haywood says.  I have found music always brings people together, and can also be used in teaching golf. " Haywood says of her career choices in life, "You have to figure out what you are good at, then figure out how to make money doing it!" For Jamie that will always be music and golf. She also lives by the motto, "If you don't ask, the answer is always No."

Jamie lives in south central Indiana with her family. Currently booking shows for the 2023 year.

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